30 October 2014

What to wear to a winter wedding?

A few summers ago I attended a gazillion weddings and, as well as floating around on a confetti cloud all season long, I generally went nuts over summery outfit options.

Because summer wedding attire is simple. Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Bag? Job done!

But I'm having a right sartorial dilemma ahead of my friend's November nuptials. November = nippy so what the heck to wear?

I've been hitting the shops to try out some options ('scuse the changing room selfies).

I really liked this Hobbs dress...

And this French Connection number…

But I've decided that a winter wedding is the perfect opportunity to try something a little less floral / floaty.

I've also ruled out...

1. Nude tights. I'd feel a bit like a shiny-legged Dancing On Ice hopeful. 

2. White. Because I'm not the bride. 

3. A fascinator. The Pippa Middleton in me (she's there) would quite like to pull off this look but I don't need to try one on to know I'd look ridonk.

4. Louboutins and / or a bandage dress. It's a wedding, not a TOWIE casting. 

So I'm going to be brave and think 'outside the box'. Yikes, what a grim phrase, soz!

During the shopathon I became mildy obsessed with this French Connection top. Though perhaps a sequinned snake print is pushing it a smidge too far?

Here's what I am considering...

1. Separates. This Reiss skirt is a beaut but realistically, how much wear will I get out of a sparkling pencil skirt? 

2. A coat. Because it's the wints and you can't beat a cosy layer.

3. Boots. Good for chilly toes. 

4. A big scarf. Not a pashmina but the long, belted beauties on the catwalks right now are dreamy. 

5. An alice band. A la 1995. Something for the bonce that doesn't involve feathers, basically. 

Decisions are being made soon, wish me luck! 

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  1. I think that Reiss skirt is beautiful and very Novembery. But I also love the nipped in waist of the first picture. safe to say you'll look splendid whatever you go for. You're good like that. xx


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