3 October 2014

First wedding anniversary party

You know your mum is the best woman in the world when the following convo happens…

Mumma: 'Shall we have a little gathering for your first wedding anniversary?'

Me: 'Erm YES PLEASE that would be great!'

I can't believe it's been a year since Husb and I got married. If you can think of a less cliche way of saying 'it's flown by', well done you and please let me know. 

On party day, I lured one of my besties up from the West Country with the promise of cupcakes and bonding. 

Then set her to task, slathering the house in bunting while I got on with the important stuff.

Molesting my husband... 

With a little a lot of help from Mother Hen and Step Pops, we transformed the garage into a palace of candles and wine and bunting. 

Ok ok, they did everything. 

Then we invited some favourites from last year's wedding along for a blooming good knees up to celebrate turning one. 

Step Pop looking extra dapper in his waistcoat

Mumma at the end, having a little LOL

Dad with a beer and a wine on the go? What a guy!

We ate four delicious courses, all hand-crafted by Wonder Mum and Super Step, and washed it all down with copious amounts of fizz and wine. 

Husb did a little toast. 

Completely full, we rolled outside to cosy by the fire pit and set off a lantern. 

I accosted my bridesmaids in a possibly tipsy fashion… 

Here come the girls

We waved goodbye to the last of the revellers in the wee hours of the morning, feeling all kinds of love all over again. 

Happy sleepy face


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