5 March 2014

In praise of avocados, Mel C and Dawn O'Porter

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? Why did it used to be called an avocado pear when it tastes nothing like a pear? Whatever... the avocado is my new BFF. 

Remember when I was harping on about my mournful winter face? Well, then I started eating half an avocado every day. Cue face miracle.

My skin's a happy little chap right now, which hardly ever happens at this time of year. Clear, dewy, REJOICE.

I'm pinning it all on the avocado in my diet because I enjoy obsessing over new discoveries.

Mash an avocado. Put it on a wholemeal bagel. Eat it. Be happy. 

I've been following the 80/20 approach to healthy eating since before 80/20 became a thing.

Spice Girl Melanie C loves the 80/20 diet too, and with good reason. It's easy, nay, pimps. (Remember PIMPS? What a word! Let's bring it back.)

You make healthy food choices during the week and go wild at the weekends. Mel C's weekends consist of lager and crisps... what a girl.

Mine are filled with wine and those tortillas from M&S which are covered in paprika.

Anyway, when I am being good during the week, I now eat half an avocado a day and it's making my skin glow.

I grabbed a Pret smoothie made from pureed frogs avocado.  

So I did a bit o' research, and discovered that avocados contain the following:

  • Monounsaturated fats which are simply super for boosting moisture levels in your skin.
  • Omega 9 which is said to reduce redness and irritation.
  • Vitamin C which creates collagen and keeps your skin firm. 
  • Giant stones which will always ping out and on to your kitchen floor, leaving a trail of avocado mush in their wake. 

OK, the last bit did not come from internet research.

I once asked Dawn O'Porter, she of shiny hair and book-writing fame, about her shiny hair. She told me: "I eat half an avocado every day."

What a wise, shiny-haired owl. 



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