14 March 2014

Make up: It's a spring clean ting

I'm no mathematician (Mother Hen likes to remind me that I got bad grades in maths because I took against an unfortunately-scented maths teacher) but this equation is definitely happening right now...

Sun out + Spring on its way = happy Hannah.

I'm thinking about rejuvenation and New Beginnings. Y'know, the big stuff, like tidying and make up. The other day my husband and I moved a few boxes around our dining room in a burst of post-work energy. Yes, we moved in six months ago, but still. Achievements!

Gloriously, the fashion mags are filled with bright, inspiring pictures, and one of their summer predictions stood out to me. Make up is going bare.

Music to my ears! I've been working a bare-faced look since I left school so I'll finally be on trend.

The lazy girl approach to make up: mascara, blusher, lip balm, done. 

School was an experimental time for me in the make up department. Eg eyelids covered in silver glitter / an eyeliner flick in flame red. Quite the look when teamed with a school uniform in hues of grey.

Thankfully, I have since simplified. Issues with dry skin flare-ups since I was little mean I spend far too much money on expensive moisturisers, and if I can get away with no make up, I do.

If not, I go for: mascara, Touche Éclat, blusher, lip balm.
For evenings, I'll add an eyeliner in black or brown and a slick of Bobby Brown nude lipstick. PIMPS!

I'm not a foundation fan because I've yet to find one which doesn't make me look like a Painted Lady circa the Victorian times. And I'd like to try a serum but I don't know what they actually do. Anyone?

All this pared back beauty chat made me take a look in my make up bag and realise something gross. I can't remember the last time I cleaned my make up brushes. Those little suckers harbour a lot of bacteria. Blurgh.

Brushes in a line! As you can see, I'm a MAC brush fan. 

So, with New Beginnings in mind, I gave them a clean. Here's how I did it..

  • Grab an old towel
  • Find a mild shampoo (I used one I'd bought for my actual hair but didn't rate)
  • Organise your brushes in a very neat line (not actually necessary)
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and squizz some shampoo in it
  • Fill another bowl with hot water
  • Give each brush a good whizz in the shampoo water, then dip in the hot water to rinse
  • Line up clean brushes in another neat row
  • Leave on the towel to dry

Mild shampoo...
And a couple of bowls. 

Apparently, you're meant to do this every week. ERM. I might make a more realistic stab at once a month. 


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