11 June 2021


Publication Day is a little bit like taking your newborn baby home, only instead of being preggers you've spent the past nine months writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing, writing, editing...

Stop it Hannah. 

It can feel a bit like you're trapped in a loop and, now that I've thought of it, I intend for my next book to be some weird sci-fi loop scenario. No wait, I'll stick to the romcoms. I love them. 

Oh my god she's rambling even more than normal! Promise I don't ramble this much in my books. Please buy them.

So, great news, I've been through the book pregnancy and the book labour and I've come out the other side with my newborn book bébé The A to Z of Us. She's here! Today! She's pretty great and some simply gorgeous things have been said about her already, which is lovely. 

Now my newborn and I are settling into life together and even though this is my third book, I'm still basically panicking. I so hope you like the book. I so hope it gets more lovely reviews. I so hope it brings a dash of glorious joy to your days.  I so hope she's not a crier and lets us all sleep through the night. I so hope this baby analogy ends soon because it's wearing a bit thin, let's face it. 

I've gone mad! Buy the book, lads, I think you'll love it!

Thank you and I love you. The end. 

The A to Z of Us


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