14 September 2018


Well blow me down, it's getting autumnal already! After a gorgeously sun-kissed summer, is anyone else quite keen to dust off their jumpers, chuck a throw or two over the sofa and get cosy? Shall we unravel our scarves together?

As well as all the soft furnishings, now feels like the right time for some autumnal literature. The kind of book that conjures up images of golden leaves and hot chocolate, or just makes you want to curl up with a coffee and read read read. Here are my favourite books so far...

MY SISTERS AND ME, Lisa Dickenson
I already had ginormous love for Lisa because she writes such brilliant books and gave my first novel her seal of approval like an absolute legend. Then she came up with My Sisters and Me and now I actually love her a bit, which is definitely an appropriate way to feel about someone you still haven't met, right guys? Guys?!
My Sisters and Me is a dream of a cosy read. It's set in Devon just as the leaves are starting to scatter underfoot and it's jam-packed with hilarious references to the nineties. Being reminded about moments /  memories from your past is like getting a jolly big hug from an old friend. (I defy you to read this and not go on the hunt for nineties memorabilia in your own family home.) Plus it's all about sisterhood and will make you spectacularly grateful for all those badass women in your life. Available here.

IN PARIS WITH YOU, Clementine Beauvais
Oh. My. This is actually incredible. The most glorious, poignant, deeply sad love story set around a chance encounter in Paris between two people who, once upon a time, had been in the middle of a teenage crush. The book is a gradual unravelling of the past and I just loved how it's written like a giant poem. (Absolute kudos to the genius who managed to translate this from the original French into English while keeping all of that rhythmic pace.) This is really lovely and quite sad and if I was in the market for giving out stars, it would get ten out of five. Available here.

If I could write with the unparalleled excellence of Rosie Walsh, I would be one happy lady. She has a talent for plonking you right in on the scene and I felt like I was roaming around the countryside with sheep and vaguely sexy love interests from the moment I started reading this. The book is gripping and heart-wrenching in equal measures... you'll storm through it. Available here.

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