11 October 2017

Another Place in The Lakes

Baby monitoring service. Those three golden words that had me sold before I'd even looked at the rooms / any other facilities at the hotel. 'BABY MONITORING SERVICE!' I shouted at my husband, unnecessarily because he was standing right next to me.

We were planning our wedding anniversary. Last year I was way too preggers to get excited about anything other than a bath and a scented candle. The year before that we tagged some days on to a friend's wedding in Northumberland. And the year before that we went to the very beautiful York for a weekend.

This year we decided to go for Another Place in the Lake District, because BABY MONITORING SERVICE. It's a brand new hotel on the shores of Lake Ullswater and sweet baby jeez, it is good. Stunz interiors, pool of dreams and did I mention the baby monitoring service?

On the first night, feeling like giddy teens on a first date, we put our twins down to sleep (so... giddy teens with twin babies) (let's just go with it), got dressed and went down for dinner with the monitor in my clutch bag.

Then we did the same thing every night of our stay and by the time we got home, we were actively peeved with having to cook our own supper. 

Another Place is just ideal for families who are hunting for a stylish hotel that caters for little ones and has some serious grown-up swag, too. You can go paddle-boarding or read papers in the library or fill up the flask from your bedroom with coffee from reception and go on a right good ramble. Or you can spend all afternoon in the spa which I definitely didn't do.*


Meanwhile there are activities for tots of all ages and an early kiddies' supper in the dining room, which suited us down to a t because our babes get hungry early and are hella messy.  

In other news, there's a waffle maker so you can breakfast like queens. 

I was super impressed with this place. Our room had tonnes of space for all the accompanying shit of parenthood and the twinnies had the cutest bunk room, complete with Mamas and Papas cots and some v chic bean bags. I loved them so much I've ordered one for their first birthday. Don't tell the lads!

Downside... dinner service was S L O W but hopefully just because the hotel's still new and finding its feet. As for our anniversary, the sun came out on the day itself so we went down to the lake to soak it up.


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