15 September 2017

Three great books for new parents

Things I've Learned About Parenting So Far...

It mostly consists of negotiating bat shit bonkers situations with as much calm as you can muster. And when I say calm, I mean coffee. Though not all the time... I found one of my babies swimming in a pool of cold coffee after merrily tipping a cup over himself the other day. He looked incredibly pleased with himself while I panic-googled what-happens-if-my-baby-accidentally-drinks-caffeine. The good news is that there are some brilliant books out there to show that you aren't the only one wading through choppy seas. (Also, baby was fine after his cup of joe.)

These are my three favourite parenting books right now...

Hurrah for Gin, Katie Kirby
I mean, the title says it all. Hurrah indeed. Mum-of-two Katie matches up a tonne of her own super funny anecdotes with stick people animations to bring the stories to life. My particular favourite chapter is Milestones That Matter, with drawings of a little one holding up those cards you see on Facebook. You know the ones. Only the milestone cards in Hurrah for Gin say things like, 'Today I projectile shat over mummy's cashmere jumper!' and 'Today I had a bloody good go at electrocuting myself.' I laugh every time I pick it up.

Parenting The Sh*t Out of Life, Mother Pukka
I've been following Mother Pukka on Instagram since I got pregnant and she is brilliant. I love her mix of honesty and humour. If you don't already follow, you blooming should. She's also a mum of two and watching her Stories puts a smile on my face when I'm feeling frazzled, e.g. when one twin is mashing avocado into the other twin's face during an attempt at 'lunch'.  This book recounts her experiences and throws in some fun facts for good measure. Did you know that it costs an average of £500k to raise two little ones today? According to Mother Pukka, that is also the cost of 'a Claridge's champagne breakfast every day for the next nineteen years.' Tbh one champagne breakfast would be just super right now.

Five Go Parenting, Enid Blyton / Bruno Vincent
I must have been quite diddy when I read the Famous Five books first time around and it is such a treat to join Julian, George, Dick, Anne and Timmy again after so long! Five Go Parenting is part of the new Enid Blyton for Grown Ups series, written by Bruno Vincent, and he has done a brilliant job at capturing the tone of the originals. Take this from chapter one, when Dick and Julian wake up the sleeping baby in their attempt to make a break for the pub...
'Just to be clear,' said Anne sharply, 'for the foreseeable future, none of us will be going anywhere near a pub.'
Dick and Julian gaped at each other. Here was a horror that went beyond human understanding. 
Good. Stuff.

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