13 July 2017

Sunsets in Sheringham

Every year when I was little, we'd spend a week in Norfolk munching midnight feasts, getting sticky ice cream hands and chasing the waves. Such happy memories for mini me! So recently, my husband and I thought a trip to the very same seaside would be ideal for our own little ones.

We picked heatwave week, which meant the twinnies went absolutely bonkers and refused to sleep. But it also meant that those bleary, early morning strolls along the beach at Sheringham were utterly glorious.

But it was the nights that stole the show.

With the bébés finally resting, the most incredible pink glow wafted over our super cute holiday cottage. I left husb at home to enjoy a beer in peace, grabbing my camera and running outside to take some snaps.

There's something so magical about watching the sun going down, right? I've got tonnes of great memories from doing just that, like in Sweden when sun didn't set until basically midnight, or the time when an old friend and I were still practically babies ourselves, watching the sunset from Cafe del Mar in Ibiza.

Basically, sunsets give me goosebumps. Full disclosure, I did shed a little tear when I watched this particular sun downer. Let's blame the sleepless nights / two glasses of fizz and say no more about it.

Side note: I have only just realised I can put these 👊 on the blog now. Plz expect next post to be written solely in emoji.

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