21 July 2017

A Year of Beautiful Eating by Madeleine Shaw: Review


I made this discovery while flicking through Madeleine Shaw's A Year of Beautiful Eating, a gorgeous cookbook all about seasonal food. I am useless at remembering what's in season. Maybe because I'm also useless at keeping plants alive and therefore there's no hope of me ever understanding what grows when? Who knows. But basically, I needed some help and this book is now my guru.

Not only does it come with a handy list of what's in season (see turnip revelation - don't even get me started on blood oranges) but the recipes are also divided into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter so you can pick meals according to the time of year and get the heck into your kitchen. 

I loved the sound of pretty much all of the recipes in A Year of Beautiful Eating but obvs I honed in on Madeleine's Chocolate Protein Powered Smoothie first. 

Packed full of spinach, cacao and almond butter, this guy is such a breakfast treat. I'd kind of given up on smoothies during the early days of maternity leave because OH HI TWIN BABIES, I need a tonne of energy to look after you little muffins! But this was delicious and surprisingly filling, powering me through 'til lunchtime.

Next up was the Whole Spiced Chicken with Baby Cos and Carrots recipe, a summer twist on the classic Sunday lunch. You make a rub for the 🐔 then bung it in the oven with loads of summer veg, including fennel, one of my all time faves. I loved the addition of cos right at the end of cooking time, giving the lettuce just enough time to crunch up a little.

This was SO SIMPLE to put together and tasted like an absolute belter. It was super fresh but still felt like a real Sunday treat on one of the hottest days so far. Winner!

Madeleine Shaw's A Year of Beautiful Eating is out now

A big thank you to Orion for sending me a review copy of this book. 

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