18 August 2016

Pregnancy skincare must haves for mamas-to-be

Finding out that there's a bun in your oven is one of the most exciting / nerve-wracking / *insert other wild emotion* times of your life. Soon enough you're dashing between baby appointments, trying to digest confusing new phrases ("tummy time"?!) and panic-buying maternity clothes on ASOS.

Amidst all the chaos, it's important to remember that you need some TLC too. Yeah girl! Since learning that I have bubbas on board, I've been doing exactly that with the help of my new baby beauty besties. Here's what Bump and I are loving right now...

Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil, £40

Yes, it's super expensive but hot diggity damn, it's also utterly delicious and a real treat for your ever-growing bump. I massage this in after a shower while the natural, herby scent fills my bathroom. As well as creating beautiful smells and soft skin, this peachy product earns major bragging points thanks to its promise to tone skin and improve elasticity. No wonder it's a best seller.

Kind Natured Coconut and Passionflower body wash, £4.99

There's a whole lot of stuff out there about what products you should be using on your body during pregnancy and honestly, it can be a bit daunting. Personally, I'm happy to buy natural, plant-based products but I'm not going to spend six hours reading the labels on every potential new purchase. After all, the most important thing you can do is stay healthy and happy. Having said that, I spotted the free-from claims on this body wash during a Boots dash and thought I'd give it a go. Kind Natured promise that it's 97% natural and free from sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals. Plus it's a total bargain and smells deliciously tropical to boot.

Avène Thermal Water Spray, £3

This mist spray is so refreshing and revitalising... An absolute life-saver for hot days! I keep the 50ml mini version in the fridge and carry it with me wherever I go.

Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush, £21

Pre-pregnancy I'd body brush when I remembered, so basically never. But then the buns started cooking and for some reason I decided to up my game - maybe because I read that Miranda Kerr body brushes every day and she doesn't look too shabby. I ditched my ancient Body Shop brush, enlisted the help of this Elemis beauty (which comes with a paddle for hard to reach areas) and now dry body brush before a shower. As well as boosting circulation and softening skin, it feels really soothing and relaxing.

Clarins Bust Beauty Firming Lotion, £38

There's no getting away from the fact that your boobs are going to go all BFG on you during pregnancy. I've heard that they keep getting bigger once the little ones arrive but, dear lord, let's not even think about that yet. Anyway, I've been using this night time treatment which promises to restore firmness and tone to the bust area, as well as smooth out the décolleté. I guess I won't actually know if it's worked until, I don't know, 2026, but it sure feels nice to know that I'm doing something to help.

Bio-Oil, £19.99

An absolute classic for mums-to-be, you only need to take a quick spin around the internet to see how many people rate this product. According to the blurb, it's clinically proven to help approve the appearance of scars and stretch marks, though the baby book I'm currently reading practically scoffs at the idea that any expensive oil could help stave off the dreaded stretchies. They recommend moisturising your bump with anything you can get your paws on. But I'm a sucker for trying new products and was keen to give this a go. The smell is synthetic and not nearly as nice as the Clarins Body Tonic but it is really hydrating and a lot less spenny.


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