14 July 2016

Summer holiday reading list

You've got the sunscreen, the cute dresses and a bikini in every colour of the rainbow... Now all you need is a whole heap of brilliant books to keep you entertained for your summer holiday! I get SO excited planning what books to take with me on hols because I know I'm going to read absolute tonnes while I'm away. No distractions allow for hours upon hours spent lying on a lounger with a good book in my paws.

So in the spirit of feeling oh so summery, I've rounded up some fabulous reads for fellow bookworms. Squeeze as many as you can into your luggage and prepare for summer holiday bliss!

Wild Strawberries, Angela Thirkell

Hells bells, this is GOOD. No, great. First published in the 1930s, it's a dazzlingly comical book about the goings-on of the leisure classes. Protagonist Mary falls for playboy David while she stays at his family's estate one summer, but there's another gent who has his eye on our girl. My favourite thing about this book is that every character is beautifully crafted and hilarious. Look out for baby-obsessed Agnes and love-struck Pierre in particular. So, will Mary be bedazzled by David or end up with kind, caring John? Grab the book, transport yourself back to that golden age, and find out!

A Vintage Wedding, Katie Fforde

This loveable number introduces three girlies keen to start a fresh in the Cotswolds. They set up a wedding planning business, calling in favours from friends and their own set of skills to provide brides-to-be with weddings suited to their limited budgets. But it's not just their clients feeling the love, as soon Beth, Lindy and Rachel find themselves swept up in their own romances. Cute and cosy.

The Dish, Stella Newman
(note: this has just been re-released as The Foodie's Guide to Falling in Love)

Laura is a secret restaurant critic. Dream job, right?! Then she meets Adam, who turns out to be a hot new chef in the city. A match made in heaven? Not so much, because Laura has to review Adam's restaurant in secret, on the night when he mysteriously can't be at work, and the food is dire. Should she publish her scathing review? Will it damage Adam's career? And WTF is he being so cagey about? This book is tonnes of fun and ideal for a girl with a penchant for food.

The Little Flower Shop by the Sea, Ali McNamara

This book follows the exploits of city-dweller Poppy as she inherits... you guessed it... a little flower shop by the sea! It's perfect for anyone with a hankering to go to Cornwall and makes for a seriously gentle read, one that you could happily pass on to any older relatives without cringing because you're handing over a certified bonkbuster. There are very few such shenanigans here! What you will find is cosy romance, a haunted past and a very sweet resolution.

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