8 February 2021


Is anyone else just hoovering up books right now? I cannot stop! Like a great big rebel I'll stay up past my bedtime and read until my eyes grow heavy. 

And oh how I love a modern love story. If you're in the market for sharply observed books about first loves, last loves and everything in between, then these superb stories should float your boat. 


Ava's moved to Hong Kong to teach English and finds herself drawn to the confidence of banker Julian. She quits her poky flat-share and moves into his apartment. They grow to rely on each other so she stays there even when he's away, even though neither of them want a relationship. And then she meets Edith, the beautiful lawyer who makes her question everything. 

Exciting Times asks questions about the choices we make, the people we match with and the way we see ourselves. It's excellent. The writing is so neat and succinct that I found myself folding up corners so I could revisit the best bits. A must read from me.


Hannah seems to have it all, but she's been trying for years to have a much-longed-for child. Cate's got a new man and a new baby but she desperately misses her first love. And Lissa, once on the cusp of stardom, is quietly raging against the cards she's been dealt.

In Expectation we follow these three friends as they try to match up the ambition and hope of their teenage years to the reality of adult life. It brilliantly explores friendship, jealousy and the stories that bind us together. I can't tell you how good it is. 

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