13 January 2021


THREE POINT UH OH. This is dragging along, isn't it? Now doesn't feel like the right time to offer up things to be grateful for, or hopeful platitudes about everything being alright in the end, because frankly we're all just a bit fed up. 

What I can offer are Good Things To Read. Or more specifically One Good Thing To Read. This one deserves a post of it's own.

GHOSTS, Dolly Alderton. 

We've heard her on the High Low, read her in Style mag and now she's served up her fiction debut. To me the discovery that Ghosts is an absolute triumph was an utterly unsurprising one. Dolly sees into the soul of... all women ever, I think? 

The story follows Nina, newly 32 and about to embark on the weirdest year of her life. She's watching time go by like sand through her fingers. Her perfect match can't hack a relationship and vanishes. Her dad's suffering from dementia. Her oldest mates are getting married, having babies and making Nina question if they'd still be friends if they met now. 

It's compelling and so well observed that you'll laugh and wince your way through it. I don't think I've ever heard the knicker game, a hen do staple, so perfectly described... "A ceremony of heteronormativity; a coronation of sovereign naff-ness; a whooping, winking ritual of humiliation lacking irony, decency and taste."

Dolly will get you through the pandemic. 

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