16 September 2020


Every morning I whizz myself up a spinach smoothie while my kids have breakfast and recently they asked to try it so I poured some into cups, fully expecting them to get thrown all over the walls in disgust. It turns out they liked it. What I'm saying here lads is that my kids have spinach for breakfast. 

I know. 

Before you run for the hills, let me just take this opportunity to explain that the rest of their diet (and mine) is mostly cheese- and carbohydrate-based. So seeing them drink a little shot of goodness each morning gives me such a boost and I've realised that it is the little wins like this which keep me going, even if the rest of the day is one giant cheese-eating, toddler-wrestling dystopia. 

Let's face it, we could all do with making the most of our little wins right now. Here are some more of my personal faves... 

🥇 Wearing a face mask and your glasses decide not to steam up. Rare triumph!

🥇 Finishing a chapter of a good book before falling asleep. Champ. 

🥇 Walking round the supermarket on a toddler-free trip. The Sainers clothes aisle never took such a battering.
🥇 Needing a snack, being outraged at the selection of nuts in the cupboard and then finding a hidden bar of chocolate!

🥇 Getting a spot and then realising that you never leave the house now anyway so toothpaste on the face is fine.

🥇 Realising it's Money Diaries day on Refinery29. J'obsessed. 

🥇 Publishing a blog post with the outrageous mash-up "j'obsessed" in it and feeling pretty fine about it.

🥇 Buying pastel-coloured highlighters in your thirties and feeling pretty fine about that, too.

🥇 Spotting a dog poo on the pavement before all of your kids wade through it.

🥇 Finding your favourite wine's on sale. Chin chin. 

🥇 Starting your day with a run or a body brush. Smooth operator. 

🥇 Messaging the group WhatsApp and then spending the whole evening reminiscing with your bests.

🥇 Non-chipping nail varnish. 

🥇 Successful online clothes shopping with zero returns. 

So now I obviously need to hear yours too and in the meantime, congratulations on the small stuff, buns!


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