8 June 2017

Summer's best bits

I'm currently sat in my office listening to the rain tap-tap-tapping against the skylight windows and clutching a cup of hot water for warmth. And it's JUNE.

So it may not be the most sizzling start to the sixth month of the year, but there are some glimmers of hope. I mean, I went to a barbecue at the weekend and actually wore sunglasses for some of it! To help get in a summery mood, I thought I'd pull together some of my favourite things about the "sunshine" season.

No seriously! It's got a particular smell to it. A bit grassy, maybe? Most definitely fresh. You *might* find me prancing about in the garden during a summer shower, face up to the sky with a huge grin on my face. Who's with me? Guys? ...GUYS?

Thinking about what to wear is approx 9million per cent easier in the summer. Buy a skirt or a dress. Wear it. These garms are also brilliant for holidays because they fold up really small. I like to go for bold prints so that no-one will notice if I spill ice-cream on my outfit.

It's exceptionally tempting to refuse to leave the sofa past 7pm in the winter. Not so in the summer, when a sun-drenched evening is enough to lure you outside for a glass of something chilled. Or in my case, to slump into a deckchair after putting the babies to bed and try not to nod off.

I'm always drawn to a vibrant nail varnish in the summer. Basically anything with a pop of colour will do... it'll look super nice against a light tan or while skipping about on the beach.

I had my hair cut into a long bob over the winter and now that the temperature has burst into double digits, it is so much easier to maintain. It's dry within ten minutes of hopping out of the shower, which is super useful because mama does not have time to be blowdrying her mane at the moment!

Books are brilliant all year round, but there's something about a holiday read that is just dreamy. Maybe because you get the chance to properly delve into the story, no interruptions? My summer reading list is getting bigger by the minute and I'm currently LOVING The Stylist by Rosie Nixon, where we whizz over to LA for a fashionable sashay around awards season.


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