18 May 2017

How it feels to have my book published

Last year will forever be known as one of my absolute favourites in terms of personal achievements. (Politics / current affairs... not so much). But for me, Super 'Sixteen was absolutely packed to the rafters with wonderful things. My husband and I made a couple of tiny people, I travelled to some incredible places and a complete dream came true when I had my very first novel published. Absolute WOWZERS!

I've wanted to write since I was little. I read English Literature at uni, mostly just an excuse to read a shiz tonne of books and call it "studying". And then I trained as a journalist so that I could write all the hot damn time. As much as I loved, and still love, writing articles for magazines, I always knew that I wanted to write a novel. 

So a couple of years back, I set to it. After squirrelling myself away for hours plotting, penning and eventually proof reading, I took a leap of faith and sent my book out. My fabulous agent Amanda must have seen some potential in me because she signed me up when we first met in London one sunny January day. On that same day, I had coffee with Christina at Headline, who had read my blog and wondered if I fancied writing something for them. Obviously I remained super chill and replied with a nonchalant 'I guess so'.*

* Disclaimer: this is not an accurate depiction of events. I did not manage to keep my cool in any which way. I may have spat out my coffee. 

Skip forward to the end of Super 'Sixteen and my book, The Year of Saying Yes, was ready and raring to go. Available on ereader, it came out in parts, just like Dickens' novels! I like to think Dickens and I have a lot in common. Jokies. Pretty sure he hasn't written any shambolic shower scenes. 

By the end of January this year, all four parts were out and I get so excited whenever I see my name on Amazon or Goodreads. (Yes I'm searching for my own books. No YOU be cool). 

Some fabulous book bloggers have even taken the time to read the book and write about it on their blogs! It's just bonkers when I think about it, and I'm SO grateful for everyone's support. As for what happens next, I'd absolutely love to write another book and I'm really hoping that I can make it happen. 

The Year of Saying Yes is available here if you fancy a little read. 


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