13 April 2017

A very British babymoon: Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

When my best girl recently asked if a pre-baby holiday was a good idea, I think my reply was a smidge hysterical. "YESSSSS DO IT" Because the chance to hang out with your other half before your little bundle arrives / endless nappy duty begins is so worth it!

In fact, don't judge, a babymoon (gross name but let's go with it) was one of the first things I looked into when I found out I was pregnant. After maternity clothes how to look after babies, of course. I was thinking long haul, because my 'moon would need a beach, some sunshine and a tonne of booze free cocktails. But then we found out that there were two babies on board so I'd become a no fly zone much earlier than planned. Probs for the best...  I'm not convinced that even the biggest of jumbos would have got airborne with me and my 7-and-a-half-month bump on board.

So we started to look closer to home and I tried very hard to put thoughts of beach and sunshine aside.

^ YES THAT'S IN THE UK! How foolish of me to be such a Debbie Downer on our fair isle. It turned out that our British babymoon included all the things I'd been dreaming of - beach and blue skies - with the absolute added bonus of no airport queues / limited baggage allowance.

My husband and I opted for Cornwall. Our hotel, The Scarlet, was sheer heaven. Incredible interiors, super friendly staff, ridiculous coastal views and major bonus points for being eco friendly. As you can imagine, I spent quite a bit of time prancing about on our balcony, inhaling mammoth three course breakfasts (you know how I love those), hitting the spa and soaking up some late summer sunshine by the natural outdoor pool. (There's an indoor one with floor-to-ceiling glass windows too).

^ Just look at the view from our room!

^ Pancakes and Dreams. The pregnancy version of 'Cocktails and Dreams'.

The hotel sits high up in the cliffs above Mawgan Porth, a very cute seaside village with a friendly pub and a lovely seafood restaurant called Catch. There's also a really well stocked deli / corner shop which is perfect for picnic fodder or a takeaway coffee. And if you're after a more high octane holiday than waddling about with two buns in the oven, you can get surfing lessons on the beach.

From Mawgan Porth, mosey up to the cliff tops for a stunning walk which will take you all the way to Watergate Bay. Or in my case, half way to Watergate Bay and then back again because mama-to-be needed an ice cream.

We also went to check out Newquay, which was super busy and not really our cup of tea, but is a lively little number.

The delightful Padstow, however, was just the ticket. Quick tip, don't drive all the way down towards the harbour in the hope of finding a car park space. You won't. There's a massive car park before you drop down into the town and even for old Bumpy over here, it was a very manageable five minute walk from there right into the centre. Which proved a good opportunity to walk off the fish and chips we devoured at one of Rick Stein's many offerings.

Padstow is a true British beauty...

We also found the home of St Eval Candle Company, a factory hidden down a windy lane between Mawgan Porth and Porthcothan. You can chat to the cheery candle makers and stock up on gifts at the little shop while you're there.

After all of that very gentle activity, we'd round off another day back at the hotel, watching the sun set and cheersing with cordial (me) and English sparkling wine (husb). Cornwall, you charmer. We'll be back with our twinnies!


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