1 April 2016

Ready Steady Glow by Madeleine Shaw Review

Is it just me or does everyone become off-the-richter-scale excited when they get a new cookbook? Because when Madeleine Shaw's Ready, Steady, Glow landed on my desk I may have given the book a little hug. (I definitely did.)

I could pour over new recipes all day long and Madeleine doesn't do just any old recipes... Hers are delicious and healthy. I learned this last year when I reviewed her first fabulous book Get The Glow and it turns out that new kid on the block Ready, Steady, Glow is just as awesome. Behold...

If you're not on the bandwagon yet, Madeleine advocates a nutritious diet packed with lovely gems to get you looking and feeling your best. She shares meal plans, recipes to fit your schedule and her fave yoga moves in Ready, Steady, Glow, as well a food philosophy which I LOVE! It's all about a flexible approach with just a few golden rules, like embracing good fats and not depriving yourself of anything. "Focus on crowding in, not cutting out," she says while wearing a red wrap dress of dreams. 

I'll be chowing my way through the entire book in no time but thought I'd sample of couple of recipes here to coincide with the April release date.

I love a good breakfast so was instantly drawn to the Beautiful Breakfast Salad. Nestle two fried eggs on top of plum tomatoes, avocado and rocket. Spoon over some fresh pesto, sprinkle on some sliced chives and you're good to go. This took minutes to prepare, looked seriously impressive on the plate and is such a delicious, fresh start to the day. 

^ oeuf-ully good breakfast. Soz. 

During the week, the thought of finishing work just to spend a few hours slaving over supper is not ideal, so the 'fast' section of Ready, Steady, Glow really appeals. Each meal has a timer symbol next to it so you know exactly how long it will take to whip up the dish. Courgetti Prawn Soup in 12 minutes flat? Don't mind if I do! 

This beautiful, Thai-inspired soup has a great kick of heat thanks to chilli and ginger, which would make it even more of a winner if you're feeling under the weather. It's also deliciously creamy thanks to the coconut milk and you won't be filling up on stodgy carbs, because grated carrots and courgette strips replace the usual noodles. 

Finally, we tried the Beef Burgers with Tomato Relish and Kale Salad. Beef patties made with good-quality mince, tomato puree, paprika and cumin, served with home-made tomato relish (instead of tommy ketchup), wilted kale with garlic and a dollop of sauerkraut.

I was SO impressed with these burgers. Usually burger recipes ask for breadcrumbs / eggs but these babies kept their shape in the pan and tasted increds. The relish was deliciously spicy, kale with garlic is always a winner and I'm now officially a sauerkraut convert. (It's a fermented cabbage which is ridonkulously good for you).

Side note: I took pics of both the prawn soup and the burgers but we ate them in the evening and the light wasn't right and everything looked yellow. Blogger dramz! Here's another snap of the cover to make up for my shoddy workmanship.

Three meals in and I already feel like Madeleine's done it again. Her recipes are tasty, easy to follow and full of glow-giving ingredients. Plus the cute lil halo braid she wears for yoga is making me seriously rethink my own messy bun approach to fitness.

Madeleine's Ready, Steady, Glow comes out on April 7 through Orion Books and you can pre-order now. So... what are you waiting for?!

I was kindly sent a copy of Ready, Steady, Glow to review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. I am looking at buying either this book or her other one ... can't make my mind up. Are the recipes meat/dairy free at all?

    Love your blog - discovered you from a google search :-)

    Liv x


    1. Thank you Liv!

      There are plenty of meat and dairy-free recipes in both books, one of my favourites is the Buckwheat, Asparagus and Pea Risotto from Get the Glow. Maybe try that book first, as it's her first?

      Happy cooking! xx


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