10 March 2016

7 hand luggage beauty essentials for flying

What with work, weekends and wondering if I might secretly be a genius at upcycling (doubtful) there hardly ever seems time to do some beautifying without turning it into a multitasking masterclass. You know... face mask + checking emails. Nail paint + online shopping.

Flying is one of those rare occasions when we get to properly switch off. Floating above the earth means no Instagram! No email! No way to triple check that your hair straighteners are off! But planes are notorious for sucking the goodness out of your skin because recycled air is super dehydrating. And as no one wants to step off a flight with dull skin, I've gathered up the 7 hand luggage essentials to turn your flight into beauty TLC time.

The only other essential? A devil-may-care attitude to being the one onboard smothering yourself in products.

Your skin doesn't get much oxygen mid-flight so removing any traces of makeup will give it the best possible chance of staying fresh. Whip your make-up off with a cleanser and a cotton wool pad once you're in your seat. My current fave is La Roche-Posay Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin.

Caudalie's 30ml Eau de Beauté is the perfect size for plane travel (don't forget those 100ml rules!), beautifully hydrating and full of essential oils. Spray straight onto your cleansed face and keep it close by for mid-flight refreshes.

Smooth two layers of your favourite moisturiser on to cleansed skin, massaging it in to give your complexion a boost. Cup your hands over your nose and breathe in the fresh scent. My eternal favourite is Elemis Hydra-Boost Day Cream.

^ disclaimer: don't pack your cactus.

There's no harm in going for a heavier lip balm than usual when travelling. I love Carmex but I also carry Avène's Cold Cream with me on flights for an extra boost.

Give those peepers a treat! After all, you've got time on your hands and how many times do you forget this kind of stuff when you're on actual earth? Use your ring finger to dab eye cream around your eye sockets. I'm currently using Decléor's Aroma Lisse Dark Circle and Eye Wrinkle Eraser, which can be used under your makeup or as a night mask too.

Take a miniature hand lotion with you and keep smoothing it into your paws. Caudalie's nourishing hand and nail cream smells kinda herby, which is amazing.

It doesn't matter how well moisturised you are, if you're not drinking plenty of water on board you won't be hydrated. Don't stick to the teeny glasses you get with meals, take a large bottle on board and keep sipping.

And that's it! Swaddle yourself in your cosiest scarf, let the beauty goodies work their magic and reeeeeelax.

Oh, and don't forget to decant anything over 100ml into those mini bottles you can get from Boots, then stash all your liquids in a clear plastic bag, before you go.

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