21 October 2015

Veg Noodle Pot Recipe

Slurping a Pot Noodle in the common room became a Friday ritual for my bestie and I when we were at school. We'd rip open the flavour sachet and wait for the hot water to work its magic while devising elaborate ways to get out of Spanish. "Tengo un problema con mi lente de contacto... um... again."

To this day, I cannot walk past a Pot Nozzer without my fingers twitching towards my purse. Chicken and mush for life! Though I haven't actually bought one in ages because, you know, they're actually quite gross when you think about it.

But then some of my favourite foodies started sharing snaps of a much healthier version of the P-Noz on Insta. The chance to eat noodles for lunch and the chance to buy some cute new Kilner jars? Oh go on then.

I grabbed some veggies and whipped up my own version, which is such a tasty lunch and just perfect for these cool, autumnal days. This recipe makes 2 pots, which will keep in the fridge for a couple of days. Simply grab one on your way out, add hot water when you've got the munchies and your healthy noodles will be ready within mins. Happy munching!

Rice noodles - one bundle
1 spring onion
1 pak choi
Handful of green beans
Handful of mushrooms
Handful of beansprouts
Thumb-size piece of ginger
Miso paste - I used brown rice miso
Soy sauce

To make...
Cook your noodles according to the pack's instructions, then leave to cool.
Meanwhile, boil your green beans until just cooked and leave them to cool too.
Chop up your raw veg. You want everything to be relatively finely sliced so that the veggies warm through easily when you add hot water.

Halve the cooled noodles and put half in each Kilner jar.

Cram as much veg in as you physically can!

Halve your lime and squeeze the juice of one half into each pot, then add 3tsp miso paste to each.

Using a garlic press, squeeze half the ginger into each pot.
Put your lids back on the pots and pop 'em in the fridge.

When you're ready to eat, boil a kettle and pour hot water into your jar, not quite to the top. Add a dash of soy if you're feeling saucy, give it a good stir and leave it for 5 minutes with the lid back on to let the flavours to do their thing. While you're waiting, plan elaborate ways to get out of work this afternoon... then enjoy!

So the best thing about this is that you can chuck in whatever veg you have to hand. Just don't forget to cook anything that needs it first, like the beans. And if you've got some cooked meat leftover, top your noodles with that too. Rare roast beef noodle pot? YAS!


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