17 August 2015

What to wear in Copenhagen

Do you ever fall into a mild panic before traveling somewhere new? You know... what will the locals be wearing / what the heck should you pack etc.

I defsies did before a trip to Copenhagen, mostly because CPH is home to some of the chicest people on the entire planet. I finally crammed a few too many things into my suitcase and spent five days people watching in the beautiful city. Now I'm back, I've put together some suggestions on what to pack for your Danish adventure. I hope it helps!

1. Wear flats
Copenhagen girls aren't ones for heels, even at night, so make like the locals and leave yours at home. Trainers and Birkenstocks are the footwear of choice, with low, block-heeled sandals being the only exception to the rule. Most people explore the city on bike or foot and I was super grateful for my comfy New Balance kicks.

2. Go understated 
There's no showiness here, it's all about individual style over head-to-toe designer garms and the result is achingly cool. Think grey marl t-shirts tucked into boyfriend jeans and a light smattering of jewellery as a day-to-day staple.

3. Be androgynous
A lot of Copenhagen girls embrace the masculine look and I spotted plenty of wide-legged trousers, loose-fitting shirts with the tiniest hint of bikini-style bra, blazers and brogues.

4. Add a touch of femininity
Don't panic if androgynous isn't your thing because skirts and dresses abound too. Nothing too short and always, always paired with flats.

5. Layer it up
Pack a loose tee, a knitted jumper and a scarf to throw over your outfit for extra fash credentials.

6. Muted tones
Greys, nudes, white, black or faded denim. That's not to say you can't rock a colour and I saw plenty of prints too. Mostly geometric shapes rather than pretty florals.

7. Take a coat
It can get a bit nippy and CPH ladies are happy to dig out their winter coats even in the summer. I visited in July and saw lots of oversized blazers, understated duffles, and boxy knits slung over an outfit.

8. Accessorise your head
It could be because absolutely everyone rides a bike and needs to keep the hair out of their eyes, or it might just be a trend, but hair accessories are A Thing in CPH. Colourful ribbon tied in a bow and turbans seem to be the most popular.

9. Strip back your makeup
Little to no makeup is favoured here. The same rules apply for hair and messy topknots are a big deal. I used the time it would have taken to blow-dry my hair wisely... by eating a tub of gelato.

10. Get your swimwear on
Head to Copencabana or Islands Brygge on the other side of the water and you'll find harbour baths ripe for beach activities. The CPH crowd really like to make the most of the sun so don't be surprised if you find groups in their swimmers at any spot along the water.

11. Scandi labels
You cannot go wrong with Swedish labels Cos and & Other Stories and if you can hold out until your actual holiday, they're a little cheaper in Denmark than the UK. I picked up an & Other Stories dress for a wedding back at home but, dressing it down with flats, felt super comfortable sunbathing bounding around CPH in it.


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