27 January 2015


I've been absent without leave for a while now. Well, that's not strictly true because I did actually give myself the leave. So I've been more A than AWOL.

Sometimes life deals you a difficult hand and mine decided to throw a major spanner in the works at the end of last year.

My family and I lost the brightest star. It was very sudden and very sad.

The next thing we know we're being swept along with a list of Things To Do When Somebody Dies.

We decided to plan a party to celebrate his life.

And what a life! Spent loving, laughing, taking chances, helping, inspiring, doing, seeing, creating, being.

And what a party! Happy memories, new stories, old faces and an overwhelming sense of love and support.

But now the gatherings have been and gone and I can't help wondering, what next? Because we're still reeling, still feeling bruised.

One thing's for sure, our shining star wouldn't have wanted any moping. He'd want happiness and a glass of wine or two.

And so I've put together a new list…

To Do

Be brave
Take chances
Grab life by the blooming balls!
(Dont shirk on apƩritifs)



  1. Good to see you writing again Doyler, I think it's very therapeutic. The old boy would be so so so proud to see you making such a mighty fine life list in his honour. It's a list we should all adhere to. Love you very much. xxx


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