5 September 2014

GOUSTO veg box review + discount!

One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to write about the people I'm genuinely interested in, and former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is on that list. 

She dresses like a dream, loves her food and is extremely sweet and funny in person. 

So when she posted an Instagram snap of a tasty meal she'd made with Gousto, my interest was piqued. 

It turns out that Gousto deliver fresh, organic ingredients straight to your door along with recipes to whip up healthy, nutritious meals. Like a seriously suped up veg box. 

Millie made a haddock with coconut crust, lentils and fennel which sounded DLISHUS.

Gousto offer vegetarian or meat meals and though I'm not vegetarian, I'm always up for trying new veggie recipes so that's what I opted for. 

Along came my box, packed full of all the goodies I needed to make the next three evenings' meals. 

That night I got to work on recipe number one: Shepherdess Pie with Seasonal Greens

All your ingredients are measured out so you don't have to faff about with scales, which is a major plus, and the recipes are clearly laid out in step-by-step form so are really easy to follow. 

I'd never cooked with veggie mince before but, by the time I'd made our individual pies and the kitchen was filled with amazing cooking smells, I was won over. 

Teamed with some buttered greens and flavoured with all spice, these little pies were delicious and, major plus, all the meals provided the perfect amount for two hungry campers. 

The following night was another first… freekeh. Don't be crude! It's a grain. 

In fact, it's a wonder grain. Freekeh's a nutty little number packed with fibre, and took centre stage in my Super Summer Salad with Grilled Goats' Cheese

After prepping the freekeh, I made the shallot and red wine vinegar dressing, then set about the goats cheese. 

Gousto told me to coat it in flour, milk and breadcrumbs before grilling it, then pop it on top of my super salad. I did what I was told before merrily chomping my way through supper. 

This was my favourite because I eat a lot of salads and it still felt like something new. The hot goats cheese melted on to the freekeh, and the sugar snaps added a delicious sweetness and crunch. 

Next stop, Artichoke Linguine in Creamy Herb and Courgette Puree

A few confessions here… Husbo did the cooking so I can't tell you how it went. But given the lack of expletives drifting from the kitchen, I'm guessing well. 

Also we were feeling srsly peckish, so we ditched Gousto's white linguine measurements and used our own wholemeal fusilli instead. 

Result? The herb and courgette puree coated the tender artichokes, making a super fresh and tasty accompaniment to the pasta. Major thumbs up! 

There are so many pros to giving Gousto a go. We'll certainly be using them again… if we get back from a weekend away with no time to go shopping / if we want to try out some more new recipes / if we're feeling a teeny bit lazy. (So, a lot).

The deliveries are free nationwide, the vegetables are organic, the recipes are so easy to follow and there's no waste because a lovely member of the Gousto team has measured everything out for you. You can order meals for 2 or 4 people and pick your delivery date, too. 

Fancy giving them a go? 

Visit www.gousto.co.uk and enter HANNAH50 at the check out for a whopping 50% off your first box. 

You're welcs. 


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