11 February 2015

Boys with diets better than ours

I'm the fussy eater in our house. Normal food is transformed into the devil with alarming regularity and suddenly I can't go near it in my quest to be healthy slash keep up with the pretty people of Instagram.

Fruit's out / veg is in / dairy's out / almond milk is in / carbs are out / dairy's back but only if it's organic / processed meats are out… I hop from one health fad to another. But only from Monday to Friday. By the time the weekend rolls around, the floodgates open without fail. Crisps and wine and actual bread (doesn't even have to be wholemeal!) gravitate my way regardless of my current diet ambitions. 

Thankfully, my husband is a much more contented eater. He'll munch what he wants, when he wants and gamely goes along with me spiralising courgettes and calling it pasta as long as he can eat some biscuits afterwards. 

But what if I lived with a fellow fuss-pot? Like Diet Coke model Andrew Cooper, who laid bare the extent of his precision eating in a Sunday Times' Style mag interview. 

Admittedly he's pretty easy on the eye but that chiselled jaw and those ginormous arms don't come without some hard graft, y'know. In fact, Andrew's food and fitness regime makes mine look like the work of a sloth. 

Andrew exercises six times a week, including three 8 mile runs, some boxing and some Olympic lifting 'for power'. His diet is all buckwheat granola and chicken salads and his attention to detail is astonishing. If he wants chocolate, he makes cacao brownies and only eats them at 10am. He stops eating at 7pm, has cut out red meat and drinks alcohol once a week - only sake, because it's 'pure'.  

Like me, he likes a treat but he has one a week, not 10,000 over a weekend. Guess what it is, go on, guess! "Sushi with tons of soy sauce," says Andrew. SUSHI. That's my idea of a healthy lunch. But appaz I'm wrong because Andrew says humans weren't designed to eat raw fish and sodium. Eep!

What would happen if we joined forces? Would my fads go off-the-richter-scale? Would I feel guilty for indulging in one too many salmon sashimi? Would Saturday mornings start with a 6am jaunt to the gym instead of an 11am jaunt downstairs to put some coffee on? Coffee, no doubt, would no longer be an option.

I might look like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by now but surely eating well is all about balance. A glass of wine and a massive dessert or three at the weekend are like taking a little health food vacay. And we all love a holiday. 

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  1. I'm with you - I don't think my husband can keep up with my dietary rules. No gluten, but hello full fat ice cream.
    But old muscle chops gets paid to look good, so he probably has more of a vested interest in his guns than we do. He sounds proper high maintenance. I'm all about the 80 20 rule - live good 80% of the time and enjoy the weekend!


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